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Are you looking to improve dramatically
on your stock market gains?
Then look no further, your search is over...

If any of the following statements apply to you, TimingCube is the answer!

Want to profit from the best-performing U.S. and international markets? Tired of chasing yesterday's best investment?
Disenchanted with Buy and Hold investing? Investing for the long-term, not a day trader?
Sitting on the side lines not daring to jump into the market? Confused about when and what to invest in?
Seeking proven and consistent "all-weather" investing models?

Welcome to TimingCube, the home of Trend Timing!

Our Turbo Model has vastly
outperformed the market over the past 10 years!
Gaining 1459% since January 2007
versus 177% for the Nasdaq 100

We want to help you get on board and join us
on the path to outstanding investment success by giving you
$100 off our annual subscription rate!

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Equity chart
Turbo Model     Classic Model
Annualized Returns
from 1/2/2001 to

Long & Short applied to QQQ
Buy & Hold
Turbo Model
Classic Model

Find performance details on the Results page.
Our innovative investment service provides easy-to-use tools to successfully navigate any type of stock market environment. We rely on our Trend Timing Models to detect trend changes in the broad market and issue clear, definitive Buy and Sell signals. Our Classic Model seeks the intermediate market trend, with signals expected to last for weeks or months. It includes a World Ranking feature to guide you to the best-performing markets worldwide. For active investors, our Turbo Model seeks higher returns by trading more often, with an average of 4 signals per month. Both Models issue 100% mechanical signals making money in both up and down markets and offer a selection of simple investment strategies to match your personal style and risk tolerance. The highly regarded Trend Timing School editorials help you manage the emotional side of investing, providing education and market commentary. For over ten years we have been helping investors protect and grow their wealth. We have profited during two bear markets while other investment strategies floundered. Whether you are an active investor, or just want a low maintenance, easy investment system, TimingCube has the answer for you.

Join TimingCube today and discover a better approach to investing!
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