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We are an established publisher of top-drawer investment information, looking for a marketing/sales person to promote our suite of innovative financial publications to individuals and institutions.

Our publications include FPResearch and TimingCube. FPResearch offers unique information to the financial advisor/broker world, providing the research needed to guide portfolio construction and money management for their clients. TimingCube, particularly the newer Turbo Model offers a performance boost to most typical portfolios. Taken together, our suite of products provide an opportunity for an ambitious self-starter that offers unlimited earning potential with an uncapped commission plan - earnings will be 1/3 of all sales generated during the first year.

The successful candidate will set his/her own hours and work remotely.

A perfect job for a business school student looking to build experience or a semi-retired person with a financial background, looking to stay active in the business/financial community.

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Interested candidates please send your resume to:
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